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Update! Teaching, Zoo reception, projects, etc.

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 3:14 PM


Hello everyone!

How are you this Labor Day weekend? I'm ok. Yesterday I went to a reception to honor me and the other artists for the Zoo Paint Out event, to showcase and silently auction off this piece I made, among many other great works:

Palling Around - Red Panda and Reeves's Muntjac by ExiledChaos

 Our pieces had been on display in their gallery for a month or 2, but I always forget to visit =\ but the reception was really wonderful; the biggest they've had in awhile I think. My piece had a few bids on it and sold for $300 or more (I never got to see the final price...).

It was slightly awkward actually, since at the end of the night when they were announcing who won what, a family came up to me and shook my hand, saying they had bid on my painting and hoped they had got it. We made some polite conversation and then the announcer got to my painting and they had not won it. It wouldn't have been so bad but right at that moment when I was about to console them, the couple who HAD won came over and were all happy and hugged me (it wasn't too weird since I had met them earlier in the night and talked to them) xD I snuck a look back at the other family and noticed the mom had her lips pursed and was shaking her head at the couple xDD; I hope they weren't too upset, and I at least got to tell them I take commissions and made sure they had my card before I was interrupted >.>;  The couple who did win were very sweet though, named Jason and Jessica, and they were so happy to get my painting x3 It warmed my heart....

Anyway, that aside, I'm also teaching now >>; A bit unexpectedly, but I think we worked everything out. I'm an adjunct instructor for Children's Book Illustration at Herron this fall, since the normal teacher is going through cancer treatment. Luckily they caught the cancer very early, so I expect she'll make a full recovery, but she does need radiation treatment, which could be harsh. When she contacted me, she said I would just be teaching for the first 4 weeks, but when I was hired, I was told the entire semester.... so... that was a surprise! We made it work at least, and I AM happy to be teaching again, even though I know this will be much different than the comics class I taught for a few years. 

So this is the stuff that's been keeping me busy. GenCon was fun and we did really great, over $1000. I could have made more if I had sold some original paintings >>; I kept getting asked throughout the weekend, and a few people seemed like they were interested in commissioning original paintings x3 And I got many different business connections from art directors and such, some who have already contacted me back to discuss a few future projects... yay!! =D And we have solidified what I'll be illustrating for the next volume of PureSteam, and a few other little things they might have for the future x3 It's exciting. If you don't know them, you should check them out: PureSteam. They are a steampunk, Pathfinder compatible, tabletop RPG setting. I'm under NDA so I can't tell you what I'll be working on, but I can say it's totally awesome!!! GAAHHH!! ....So, if you like Pathfinder or D&D, and Steampunk or WildWest style, then I HIGHLY recommend this. 

Another project I'm proud to be working on is a friends capstone, in which I got to design my own characters and then he will make them into 3D. I love both sides of this x3 I'm still not very good on 3D though, so I can't wait to see his mastery over it. I'll be posting my character sketches, and T-Poses hopefully on here soon. Along with some other art stuffs.

Aannnndd.... what else can I update on.... Oh, I'll be working at a Haunted House too soon x3 not as an actor, but I'll be making props and painting and makeup effects maybe. It should be fun, but we got to start soon >>; lol 

I think that's about it.... xD Thanks for reading, if you made it through all my dribble. I never know who might actually read these silly things but I appreciate if you do =)



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I'm taking a double major in Illustration and New Media and am in my 5th year now. I like using watercolor and colored pencil for traditional media, and Maya 3D for digital at the moment. I also do digital paintings, but it's been awhile and I'm practicing to get back up to a better level with that. I'm a huge geek. I hope to pursue a career in game development or illustration, or both

Please feel free to comment on anything. I might not always answer, but I always love reading them.

My dA Manifesto

On this account, I will try not to delete or scrap anything I end up posting. Even if it's total crap. Even if it's embarrassing in my later years. Even if I hate it and really really want to get get rid of it...

Part of growing and improving as an artist is to be able to see where you once came from, and letting other artists see and share that as well. =) In my gallery, I have folders labeling each year back to when I first joined dA in 2005. They are available for all to see.

So please do. Get a good laugh, or face palm, or whatever. But also see where I came from, and think about your own art origins ;)

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