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AatR: Round One Pg1 by ExiledChaos AatR: Round One Pg1 by ExiledChaos
Waaaahhh!! It's here!!! :iconthereal-oct: round one entry.
My opponent is the spectacular :icongalfmizal: I'd like to think we had an awesome battle, as I hope you will soon see.

(P.S. This match is titled: "Rock, Paper, Scissors, DEEEEEEAAAATTH!!" Clever, no? 8B )

A few things I should mention before I start uploading like mad:

:bulletgreen:: As a personal goal, I decided to make this comic to a similar standard one would use for the comic industry. This entails 5 fully colored pages at the beginning, including a splash page that will also act as a cover in this case, and toned pages afterward spanning from 20-30 pages (er... I was bad at planning, so this might be longer then 30 pages >>; ) Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I think I will just use the line work for all the pages after the 5 color... I hope that doesn't count against me x3; And don't think ill of me ^^; I'm not trying to one-up anyone!!

:bulletgreen: To avoid super spamage, I've combined most of the pages into spreads. It's simple: read left to right to the black bar; when you reach the bottom, go back up to the other side of the bar and read the next page =P

:bulletgreen: I was going to make a little interlude comic before this, but I don't think I will right now >>; maybe later. This wound have explained:

:bulletgreen: Sybil has one of Hecate's belts around her crest, a larger tear in her skirt, and her pumps put away in her bag. In the interlude she did this. Being practical, she didn't want her boobs to bounce around while fighting, and needed to be able to move easily. x3

Explanation behind, I think I hate this page the most >.< I didn't know what else to do with it... Please read on!! xD; the rest is better!

Baahh Dx so many words...

JohnYume Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
But it's so shiny XD XD I like those lips >D
ExiledChaos Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009
x3 lol, I sent so long biting my lip trying to see what it looked like xD I hope it looks ok, going to a nervous look >>; lol thanks!
JohnYume Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
lol XD the pain we artists go through to get a good drawing ^___^ btw, cameras can work wonders so you don't have to keep the pose (unless you prefer drawing from real life). And it looks great! I love the expression :heart: And I like the fact that you choose to start with a dark bg and add highlights. Adds a bit of interest and break away from the norm which makes it refreshing :thumbs:
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July 24, 2009
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