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Contemplative Crescella... by ExiledChaos Contemplative Crescella... by ExiledChaos
I drew this in our gaming group, after a surprisingly intense level-up/downtime session. We were discussing what our characters would be doing in the 2 in game years between the last time we played and the next in a few weeks. I had already pretty much leveled up my character so I had a lot of time to think about what I might do... throughout the game, I have had this Red Sand Hourglass that was obtained from what might or might not have been a supernatural being (or a god) and might or might not be helping us in our journey. Though it was an artifact level item, it was always more a side quest when we were playing and never the focus.

Through the course of plot and playing,I finally have the chance to see where this hourglass came from through special glasses that let you see back in time to when it was created. When looking through the glasses you go into a trance/coma state and must let it run it's course until you finally see what you need and return to your body.... yeah... that was a bad idea xD. To give you more an idea how the glasses work, another party member used these to look at a plot item and looked back during the time of the Aboleths to it's creation (about 10,000 years maybe?). She was in a coma for 4-5 days. When I put on the glasses to look at the hourglass and saw WHAT CANNOT BE UNSEEN... I was in a coma for a year... a YEAR....

I have another illustration in the works depicting what happened, and it was so traumatizing in character that Crescella hasn't told her party all the details yet, but she was transported back millions or billions of years, nearly killed, had an unspeakable madness permanently imprinted into her mind, and saw a clash between gods... before finally returning... xD all in all pretty epic, but I'm afraid one of my favorite characters and my first Pathfinder character is going to slowly lose her mind now or go down a very dark road soon... I guess we'll see. This will probably be the last time I draw this design for her, since she will be making a drastic change in appearance. I can only hope she's strong enough that that will be the only major change >>;

Lol... but yeah... FUN! xD

I used marker and colored pencil for this after a loooong time of not using them. I'm surprised my markers hadn't dried out. Think I have Yohan sketched underneath her (whatever she's sitting on xD) but I never finished him, and the sketch lines disappeared in scanning... Kinda a crappy drawing but I still had fun with it for being so quick x3

Thanks for looking.

Crescella and Yohan belong to me.
Pathfinder RPG belongs to Paizo.
kitvor Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've missed your traditional stuff :D Really love this, she looks like a really interesting character :3
inObrAS Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
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