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December 31, 2008
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Contest Participants Gifts :D by ExiledChaos Contest Participants Gifts :D by ExiledChaos
Here are the gift sketches for the participants in my Costume Contest at Halloween x3 I wanted to get them done before the year's end, so now that I got alittle free time with the break, it's pretty good timing. Not counting the 3 winners, I made simple sketches of my choosing for the other participants, most likely something to do with what they or their character dressed up as. So here they are (number order doesn't mean anything, btw xD ) :

(far left)*blondesquirrel Got my honorable-mention with her sexy Jessica Rabbit costume, but when I went to make the picture, I couldn't find it any more D= so instead I made a picture with characters I'm a little more familiar with; Fy and Wyn from =KittehChan's Element: the Manga series I'm also a part of x3 Roughly colored for the mention. It was fun drawing them.

#1. (top left) ~Svespasveken with her demon musician costume. I love the description of her page, so I thought I'd made a spin off that and have her "playing" a violin with her sword, perplexed to why her strings keep breaking xD

#2 (top center) ~Tiuni with her characters Vincent and Victoria . x3 I don't know what just happened, but Victoria is pouting about it, and Vincent is sporting a bandage on his head (lol, hope that's in character). I could just hear them....
Victoria: "I see what you did there... e_e"
Vincent: "I said I was sorry!"

lol xD

#3 (top left) =KinaMorii with her character Leonie in Lolita dress . Her submission was cute and I was dying to try drawing lolita dresses, so here she is =)

#4 (bottom right) =conversewearingjedi with her Chase as the legendary Croc Hunter . I had to do something cute with this one x3 Steve was so funny and awesome! So Chase has dressed up a kitty as a lion, in homage xD lol.

#5 (bottom center) =thecatatnight with her scary butcher's wife costume . :fear: I think it's great she made a kid cry xDD (evil evil) so now the tables are turned and she's helping a crying girl cheer up... in her own special way xD

#6 (bottom right) =lilhazelstar and her BF as Rogue and Gambit! :love: . I found I really love Rogue and Gambit x3 I like the new movie and Evolution tv series (I haven't gotten to see alot of it sadly D= ) but I still remember the old series, when rogue had the huge hair and flew. I don't know if she learns how to fly in the newer series, but here's poking fun at that with Gambit "airplaning" Rogue x3 Wheee! <33

I had fun doing them x3 and hope you like them!

Art by me (Exiledchaos)
Characters belong to their respective owners
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I wish I'd known about this; it looks like it was a lot of fun. Guess that's what I get for not checking my journals...
lol, well hopefully sometime in the future I can hold another contest ;)
I wish I could hold contests. It looks like a lot of fun.
THank you so much!! :D
np =) glad you like!
KittehChan Jan 1, 2009  Student General Artist
Awesome! I love the sketches and Fy and Wyn! They are gorgeous :heart:
x3 thanks kitteh! they were fun =3
KittehChan Jan 7, 2009  Student General Artist
x3 :heart:
Tiuni Jan 1, 2009  Professional Filmographer

You really got my way of drawing Vincent down, whooa!! I thought for a second I drew him. xDD

Thank you so much for this, by the way. It's so nice of you, and this really just topped 2008 for me. :hug:
x3 I was surprised at how well he turned out, especially considering I was an idiot and drew him too close to the edge of the paper>> so he also fell off the page. Glad you like it =) Thanks for being part of the contest x3
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