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October 8, 2012
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Death Diptych by ExiledChaos Death Diptych by ExiledChaos
The death side of the Life/Death duality.

For this... mostly went with the iconic "grim reaper" look with the shrouded creepy figure (I know... original right?). I wanted to have light coming from within in hood too, to show that's death isn't a bad, evil thing, but a natural process and a part of life. The book is a reference to Azrael who would continuously write down the names of all who are born and cross them out at their death. I always found that story to be cool, and kinda similar to Sisyfos, or other tales were it's an endless, repetitive task, or punishment. Er... anyway >>;... the flowers here symbolize death or grieving, and the decay and continued cycle of life is represented in the mushrooms: organisms that thrive on death. Some are also deadly poisonous.

Anyway... that's all. >> Again, having fun with the art nouveau style of framing x3 And dark paper and marks to show a contract to the Life side.

Thanks for looking 8B

Here's the other pictures:

Life's Side

Here's both together as a proper Diptych

Art by me (Bekah C.) Do not use without permission.
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