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May 27, 2006
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Grad Comic- newspaper thoughts by ExiledChaos Grad Comic- newspaper thoughts by ExiledChaos
Hello viewers and I return in a huff! Just to let you know, big rant coming up, so fellow friends, beware.

However, if you are someone from the school newspaper committee The Millstream, primarily one of the editors, I encourage you to read on....


This is the newspaper comic I made for the final issue of the year, and for me, the final issue of my life. Though it looks fairly normal/comical, whatever, to the normal eye, I put a lot of summed up emotion into this and it meant a lot to me as a culminating work and legacy of my senior year. But, this did not make it into the newspaper. And although I do blame myself a little for possibly waiting too long, or maybe not putting enough effort into it as some of the other comic artist put into theirs, I know now that that’s not so much the case. No, instead it was because someone thought that their opinions were more relevant that those of others. I was told that because one of the editors, who by the way, has forced her two cents down our throats for every issue, was unwilling to edit down her article enough to insert my comic. Now, I don’t know who it was, and frankly, I don’t care; I’m just fine with taking it out on the entire newspaper staff now (because, I’ve never really been a fan of hearing someone complain about their life, or about how they came upon some life-changing revelation and decided to convey it with the writing skills of that of a 8th grader with ADD). Of course, be meaning ya to take no offense by this (HA!) but I know for a fact that I’m not the only one to think this. But, I suppose that’s what makes that newspaper so great; when they manage to produce relevant opinions and news that can actually make a person stop and think for a minute. But, time and time again they seem to miss this mark, and instead write about how much better their track team is with out them or about that once ‘famous for it’s smut’ TV show “Sex and the City” is fucking it’s way into high school social-lives. New flash! I have a sneaking suspicion there’s absolutely no innocences left in our high school, ‘cept for maybe that 15 year odd Amish girl, judging from how many sluts you can deduce just by looking at them. Oh! And another thing, I’d like to congratulate you on finally getting the Oral Sex article into the final issue of the newspaper. It must have been a really labor of love ya know, since a lot of people probably forgot, and some stop caring due to ample previous experience... But you managed to do what that Ohio school newspaper couldn’t do and badger your way to completion. Good job! Okay, returning now to the really subject, though my comic wasn’t good enough to put in, just on the next page I see that that guest artist was able to get his in, though he’s also been in the newspaper for almost every issue and his stories don’t even make sense, good for him. It’s good to know you’re still able see and smell at least some talent even when you’re deaf and dumb (I mean this as no personal attack toward the artist, and I’m such only a few of you while actually understand this one...) But still, he has been in the paper a lot, and beyond that there is the ‘absolutely-non-making-sense-ness” of his stories. Perhaps they perceived mine as being written in Swahili before they rejected it....
So perhaps I am being unfair, but I am subconsciously trying to be helpful. After all, everyone needs some constructive criticism, but since most likely you can’t see past obvious insult, I’ll repeat myself. More then often you insert your 2 dirty cents down our, my, throat; only until later we realize we’ve been short changed half-a-wit. Put your opinions you think are relevant, but when you start to hurt the opinions of others (and in general lowering the intelligence of the reading demographic), it’s time to stop. You’re newspaper staff, so it’s important to write for the people , not for your self. If not, I’m sure you’ll get more letters like this in the future. Okay, now I admit I’ve been pretty immature with this (Heck! You should see all those obscenities I wrote allll over my newspaper issue! XD) Good times... but at least I can admit and change my faults. And besides, can you blame me. This was something very important to me, as a final bequest that I existed as an artist in high school, and to relay the emotion that I’m sure many seniors can relate to. But I guess people would rather read about “other” things....
So in all my maturity, I will restraint myself from signing off as something like “Thanks a lot bitches”, and leave you with:

Opinionated-ly yours,
Rebekah Crowmer
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I started reading the paragraph, and I was like, 'Well, that doesn't look too bad.' Then I scrolled down a bit and was like 'ZOMG THATS HUUUUUUGE O_O'''''' ' But I read the whole thing, heckyeah. :D

Tch. I DUN LIEK STOOPID PEPLE. D:< With art as good as yours(and as heartfelt as this is) , they're in need of new glasses.

... And new brains.

... AND A NEW STAFF. :shakefist:
yeah =.=;; oh well, s'not my concern now XD Bwahah
paragraphs are your friend! xD I wanted to read your rant so badly, but it was really hard to do cuz of all those WORDS!!1one OMGLAWL

I got through it tho, and I feel for you 100% baby. that's what I went through when I wanted to talk at my senior night 2 band camps ago but the other seniors wouldn't let me. yeah, I understand they had it planned out and shit, but couldn't they have stuck me in on the end or something? it broke my damn heart cause I never got my senior summer since I was in France the whole time ;_;
oh, and I love the comic too XD so true. I found when I visited on wednesday that I really don't miss high school either :lmao:
It's a shame about the comic Bekah. You're going to be dealing with dumb people and rejection in the beginning, but they'll regret it once you're famous won't they? ;)
yah... and when I kill them! :evillaugh: eh... just kidden o course :devilish:
KittehChan May 29, 2006  Student General Artist
Stupid newspaper people!! This comic rocks so much <33
KittehChan Jun 1, 2006  Student General Artist
Your welcome ^^
Henhenh...The Highschool Release Papers...

*skims rant carefully* Woah...*burns themz all for their crimez*
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