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Herron Coloring Book VIII : Spellbound by ExiledChaos Herron Coloring Book VIII : Spellbound by ExiledChaos
Phew... A thank you to ~Tanner28 with advice on how to overcome some dumb submission page problems. I had to switch over to Firefox for this... which is really awkward since I'm so used to opera now >>; I don't like it... But at least it's a temporary fix for now... I'm still getting some problems with everything being squashed and I can't preview my text.. but ehh... it's better than what I was dealing with..

Complete Title: Little Witch Trial and Error

My coloring book page for the Herron Coloring Book #8, this years theme: Spellbound (hehe... which had been suggested by me ^3^ ) I really channeled a lot of Halloween spirit for this one x3. I wanted to go all out with this page, since it will likely be the last time I make a page for this book as an undergrad ;___; I can probably still submit as an alumni, but it's won't be quite the same...

As always, it's ok to color this. But if you intend to post it you must link this page and let me know. Also don't put this on other sites... I ran into that problem before, so I had to add an ugly watermark. I would love to see how people will color it =)

And as always, please think about buying the Herron Coloring Book to help raise funds for Illustration Scholarships! All proceeds made through the book go toward the scholarships!

That's the entire reason we do the coloring book (that, and it's fun x3) And our persistence has finally paid off, since we now have an official Illustration Major, and will hopefully get more funds and scholarships from the school now. So if you want to get this and other illustrations from great artists for yourself or as a gift for others, please note me!! I might also offer a complementary sketch to anyone who purchases one. ;)

Thanks again, and hope you like!
Dr-Aim Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Student General Artist
aw yeah
that girl is lovin what she's doin
and it looks real fine I'd have liked a coloring book with this inside
ExiledChaos Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012
lol thanks! Hehehe, well you can now ;) I think the books go on sale in December! I'll let everyone know when they do x3
Dr-Aim Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Student General Artist
ahahah thanks but I think I'm kinda broke at the moment, although that would be such a nice book !
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October 26, 2012
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