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July 27, 2006
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Kitteh Costum Contest XD by ExiledChaos Kitteh Costum Contest XD by ExiledChaos when Mortal Combat spells it with a K... you know it's extreme XDD Hah! This is for *KittehChan's Character Kitteh, New outfit Contest.... for her collaberation Manga that I'm also apart of : Element . Check it -----> :iconelement-the-manga:

I thought about putting this in the Fashion catogory, but I couldn't find it XD Hmm... I like this, but I don't know if it's Kitteh-esce. I mean, she reminds me of a Gothic Princess... or a Vampire X3 Well... she IS the Dark Elementier, so ....I'll let *KittehChan be the judge. So then, lemme explain some of this... before I throw up all over the computer (I'm not well feeling ^^; :sick: ) Her outfit is designed alot like armor , like the chestplate, because I've recently become a crack-whore for Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced... again... So it looks like armor. Plus since the Manga is all about this war, I thought it would be wise to dress approperately XD. You can't see it cause her hands in the way, but She has a cleaved Chestplate, with a crise-crossing strap config. Those damn boots and armling laces took awhile >.O And Of course, They can be simplified, if need be and if chosen. Lots of red and black... :paranoid: Mew.... I don't know if I'm happy about that part: I like Red and Black, but it seems like there's too much... I'll let Kitteh be the judge XD And I'm not too wild about the cape, but If it stays, there would be Kitteh's emblem or the Element Emblem on the back (Kitteh's seen it, but I haven't worked much more on it...)

So yeah... Hope you like Kitteh! You got me halfway out of my slump (My nausia is keeping the other half in ^^; ) But this was fun^^ I'm going to go look at the other entries now =D

Kitteh and Element belongs to :iconkittehchan:
Outfit Design to (me) :iconexiledchaos:
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i don't usually like anime lings and ven less animal like-furry things, but that one's outfits are lovable to say a few things xD
1fireang3l Jul 27, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
O.O O.o woow this is so great i wish i had one,and it's red,it's even better
Meow? XD That's so cute. ^^ Good job.
O_o Ummm don't you know what KKK actually stands for? ^^; Nice drawing though XD;
Ack >.< I know >__> I thought about that when I was making the entry name and almost didn't do it. I prefer to look at it in the use of Exterme-ness K's, like Mortal Kombat XD ....but I guess that's not the same ^^; Sorry if it bothers you
It doesn't bother me, I'm just saying it might bother others XD; Just making sure is all some people would put that and not even realize lol
dyson-christine Jul 29, 2006
Very neat design you did. I hope I can do awesome costume designs on my characters. ><
Thanks^^ Just keep practicing^^ I went through about 3 initial designs before finalizing on this one
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