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Sry... But Hufflepuff Sux XD by ExiledChaos Sry... But Hufflepuff Sux XD by ExiledChaos

Ok you guys... You can stop telling me how wrong I am or who went to Hufflepuff; I'm making a parody about what the Sorting Hat said and it's suppose to be funny (aka, I don't care what you think xDD). Also you can stop telling me how scary and vicious badgers are; I already knew before making this comic how bad ass they are, but apparently Honey doesn't. Anyways, yeah, any comments trying to "educate" me will be hidden from now one since I'm tired of trying to explain to you that it's a JOKE ;P

That said, thanks again to anyone else who favs/ nicely comments this. Glad you could find it entertaining =)


Just something funny to combat some of that depression after the last book.....XDD; Really Sorry if you like Hufflepuff ^^;

Okay, so maybe I'm being alittle unfair XD Since Wikipedia sez Hufflepuff is full of loyal and hard-working people, but the way the sorting hat sings his little song (Pg. 205 in Order of Phoenix) Hufflepuff sounds like it really sucks X3;

Oh yeah, and does anyone know how to make a preview file now that DA changed it's settings again?

Enjoy... I guess XD;; ^^;

Honey (c) Me
Hogwarts (C) J.K.Rowling
Art (C) me :iconexiledchaos:

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(lol xD That's it, but more to come!)
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July 25, 2007
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