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October 26, 2006
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+The.Keepers.of.Light:CLOUD+ by ExiledChaos +The.Keepers.of.Light:CLOUD+ by ExiledChaos
Yay.... It's done :aww: Long story behind this picture, so before that lemme just say a few things...

I'd say FULLVEIW, but I know you're not going to do it so why bother :paranoid:....

...he has a nipple ring >] :giggle: Tehe :devilish: Just thought I'd point that out, along with his cool chest tattoo (OMG! It's like the one on his armor in AC!! X3) I'm proud of my cleaverness with that XD. He has alot of bling too, and He's covered in Yume's logos XD their hard to see if you don't FULLVIEW DAMNIT! X3

I'm rather happy with how this came out... maybe wanted alittle more, but I don't know what.... The lighting is a bit off for me.

Okay, immaturity out of the way, lets talk about the story:

This came for a long running story me and many of my friends made up; if you see my God series then you kinda know what it's about cause it's all related. It's a super-crossover story with characters from many anime series and ourselves in a divine realm. So, in other words, all your favorite anime characters are hot shirtless GODS now XD. tehe :giggle: After much debate with mineself, I've developed the story with cloud and sephy:
Cloud: A Keeper of The Light and Sephiroth: A Keeper of The Light were from a long generation of light bearer deities (more like angels). Sephiroth had come into power and Cloud was his apprintice, the next in line. For a long time, Sephiroth was a kind and responsible keeper, nurturing Cloud to become a responsible one someday too. But when the torch was suppose to be passed, stuff happens(aka... lack of a story conflict XD), Sephiroth lets darkness consume him, and he manipulated Cloud to wage a battle against the holy realm (or whoever). Shortened: Sephiroth is stopped, stripped of his title as a keeper of light and banished to darkness. The holy court goes in search of Cloud, but to no avail, and that sanction of The Keepers of Light fades away (pretty bad). Meanwhile, Cloud has lost his memory (AHH CRAP! Not another anime cliche!! DX) and is wandering some terrestrial plain being emo and stuff I guess (XD I don't know). Skip a few million years today a more modern day, cycles of reincarnation, etc. Cloud still doesn't know he was a God and wondering a world, Sephiroth (demoted and on parole, but free) surprisingly finds Cloud and starts manipulating him again (Cloud don't remember his neither). And that's basically the beginning of where I'll pick up his story, when he frist meets Yume, the Goddess of Dreams (aka: my Mary-Sue character XD)
Hehe. That's his back story, and hopefully if I get my ass in gear you can find out the rest of the story when I make the doujin. Eh heh ^^; at the moment, I'm limiting myslef to character "profile" (see my God series..etc..) Everybody will have a domain over something... and because we incorperated so many Characters.. it might be difficult finding something for everyone XD. I"M OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS XDD. Also, my friends and me made this story a looong time ago, and I forget alot of whay happens ^^; ..... SO it'll be a while... >>

......Stay tuned for more pretty God pictures though!! XD Hope you enjoy this^__~

Cloud Strife (C) to SquareEnix
The Keeper of Light, Story Line, and Art (C) ME!!
"Devine Story (aka: not named)" (c) me and many of my friends XD
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BunnyValtir Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
An eye for details. *3* <3
IdNiDveifencetum Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very nice!!!
SparkusThunderbolt Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010
QuietWatcher Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010
Terrestrial plane not "plain." Ok, now that I got That out of my system. :D
homg wow
I dunno exactly why, but this picture just really blows my mind. It's awesome. I love how there is just a TON of detail between the lines and the lighting and the color yet the overall style is wanna say sketchy but that's not really the right word. At any rate, it is really friggin' awesome AND I full viewed. :D
Also, I love the idea of a bunch of different Anime characters being crossed over as deities. I mean, they're practically divine already given their abilities. Right? If I can, lemme know who needs realms or as they're often called in mythology 'spheres of influence'. I love doing that sort of thing.
fendstratchick Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i really like the color in this
it reminds me of a stain-glass window
CloudsGirl7 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2009   General Artist
WOW! :wow: This...this is beautiful! Such an interesting idea! (I mean, I knew he was beautiful, but a god?!:omfg:) I love it! :w00t: Keep up the good work!
*reads part about ring* Oh, jeeze.... Ah well, I'm still faving it.

Ooohh!! Do one of Hugue de Watteau from Trinity Blood!! :clap: (<-- big Hugue fan) Or Edward Elric from Fulmetal Alchemist!!
JonniCress Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2008  Student Artisan Crafter
O.O -staring at the picture- WOW He is so smexy I mean so hot that he gets another letter added to make smexy!!! ^w^
devineworrior Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2009
great piece may i add lovly job. come check out my artwork
ethrealangel Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007   Traditional Artist
Wow that's amazing! Not a bad storyline, either.
Mental66 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2006
what can i say i'm a fan :D
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