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December 3, 2013
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What my lazy ass has been up to... by ExiledChaos What my lazy ass has been up to... by ExiledChaos
Gah... I'm painfully aware I have been very inactive with Deviantart, and I apologize. I AM actually doing a lot of stuff right now, but I either have to keep it secret, am still in the process of completing it, or I just feel meh about it >>; Here are a few screencaps of some things I'm working on, or have completed right now.

The top 3 from left to right are personal projects: My Pathfinder characters redesign, one of my OCs, and a friend's Pathfinder character. The next 2 are something I did for a children's book, and a Doctor Who commission I'm currently finishing up and made all of the Doctors stylized cartoons as a demo. I have many other things left uncolored since I'm a lineartist for a separate children's book publishing company, but I'm not even sure I would be able to post those, even if I wanted to (and I don't want to xD; ). 

I'm getting closer to finishing up 1 and 3, which I'll post, but I've been slammed with some unexpected house and artwork that needs doing immediately. I was hoping to get some more personal projects done before the holiday rush (or so I was told might happen with the children's book stuff). I've actually been on a break since about Thanksgiving which has been nice and given me time to work on these, but I expect that to end soon >>; 

Anyway... that's about it. I'm kinda using this art submission as a duel Journal post because I'm le lazy. xD; sorry. I'll try to keep things a bit more updated, and I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Pre-Christmas/etc. 

Thanks for looking and reading >>;      
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