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December 8, 2012
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WtOT : Dark Alleyway by ExiledChaos WtOT : Dark Alleyway by ExiledChaos
(EDIT) Is everyone seeing this ok? I thought maybe my computer was just slow and not showing it, but I think it was a bigger problem. I messed around with it and think it's fixed now. Please let me know if you still can't see this! (/EDIT)

First of 6 environment concept paintings I'm doing for my story Welcome to Odd Town (see the project folder here for more) Blehh... I don't like drawing rooms or architectures.. or I like drawing them but they are so hard to do >>;... too used to drawing characters. Still this was a lot of fun, and I'm working on the others but so far this one is my favorite. And yay I remembered to post it 8D lol!

Thanks for looking! ;)

Welcome to Odd Town, it's places, characters and stories belong to me (Bekah C.) Do not use without permission
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johngiannis27 Dec 18, 2012  Student Interface Designer
so perfect! :)
Epscillion Dec 14, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Very nice, the colors and the whimsical feel of it works well together. Good Job!

I'm going to Herron too, and I had a question; is Illustration going to be a major soon? Also, in the illu classes, do you cover comics? It seems like it's mostly children books so I was just curious. ^^
why thank you =D

Oh yes! It's very exciting, it's finally getting it's own major, and I heard they are hiring on some more illustrator teachers and making a few other classes for it. I don't know what the future holds for it, but right now there are really just about 4 classes: Children's Book, then Beginning, Advanced, and Independent study Illustration... You might be able to get away with making a comic in the children's book class, but otherwise, you could take an independent study and focus on what you want x3 I have been doing that for awhile and focused making on my character and environment development, but as long as you make a good proposal and timeline for it, you can do just about anything =). Next semester might be different though, since Kathy (the main teacher) is going on sabbatical, but the teacher they are bringing in actually makes comics for a living, so I think he would be pretty open to it ;)
Epscillion Dec 17, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, that is so helpful! Thank you! :glomp: Do you happen to know the comic artist's name? I'd like to get into making comics myself and until now I haven't really been able to talk with a professor who knows much about it. lol

Independent studies must be so liberating. Good luck with yours! ;D
Nicole-Marie-Walker Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is lovely. :)
I don't know why you don't like drawing architecture... I think it's great... And it feels so eerie, I love it!
hehehe ^^; I'm happy with how this came out, but idk.. interesting building designs and perspective just takes so long and lots of research. I have to resist the urge to make all my buildings boxes xD; lol.

Thank you so much! :hug:
lol... boxes are cool... as long as they have windows they could look like houses :D
that could be quite a cool idea for a painting actually... a little eerie... houses made out of cardboard boxes... !
rachelillustrates Dec 11, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
This is great, love the atmosphere.
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